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Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee

Home of Purebred Pug Puppies- AKC/ CKC / ACA  registration and Pug Art & Pug Gifts

Pug Adoption Fee / Details

                                                               Adoption fee and Detail information--

                                                                           YOUR CHOICE

Pug Puppy (FAWN 950.00)  CKC Unlimited Registration /...... Pet only....  On Spay or Neuter Contract 

Pug Puppy ( BLACK / Apricot 1,050) CKC Unlimited Registration /...... Pet only...On  Spay or Neuter Contract

                                     Full right for CKC 1,500 to approved breeder homes only

                                        **Unlimited/Pet AKC Registrations 1,400.00            

                                      Full Right AKC to only approved  breeder  1,800

                        ******We will be adding Pug of Color to our breeding program in the near future******

                                         OUR WAITING LIST IS NOW OPEN FOR....SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY

                                            PLEASE BE PERPARED FOR  US TO CONTACT YOU AT ANY TIME                                        

    Availability for a puppy will depend on how many litters and puppies will come available in out 2018 season.  

                    I require everyone to be on my waiting list to apply for a pug  puppy by submitting your puppy request though this website on our contact page......I do work off my puppy waiting list 

  Get on our waiting list today...... It is Free !!!  By simply email us your contact information for our contact records.  We need.....(Your Name/ Address/State.. Contact Phone) We also need to know your Puppy request ... MALE OR FEMALE AND COLOR .          We need to know what...( Color and Sex )  of Pug Puppy you are requesting for our records. Then your request will be placed on that waiting list... (For example) if you request a Black Female pug puppy that is the list your name will go on...if you request a Fawn Male Pug  Puppy that is the list your name will go on. This is  how we organize our waiting list into categories...We have a waiting list for each color /sex of puppy we offer. We offer Fawn/ Black/ Apricot  colors at this time. 

   We never ask for a( Hold Fee)  until we have contacted you that we have a puppy available just for you. When we have a puppy available  for you. We will contact you by email and then give you a call to visit and explain our( Policies).

        Then when the Puppies are 6 weeks of age and have Vet release . I will give you a call for a phone interview and then  email you one of our( Puppy contracts)  to you . Then you will have to  mail your puppy contract back to us though the us mail with  your contract filled out with your money order for hold fee for 100.00 made out to Connie hold your puppy.

    **All contracts must be back within  a weeks time of us contacting you. This will give us time for our screening process .

 Then when your puppy is 8 or 10 weeks of age we will set up a appointment for your puppy pick date and time  at our home only.

                                                                       ***NOTE on waiting list......

Your name will stay on our Puppy waiting list for ONLY 6 MONTHS of your date you made your puppy request


 When I contact you about a puppy being  that has come available just for you and  at that time if you  have to pass

    ( Pass on offer puppy) your name will be removed at that time and you will need to resubmitted your puppy request

                                   To stay on our my waiting list Please re-submit your puppy request for a later time.

 We reserve the right to increase our adoption fee**** with out notice,due to higher Vet fees visits ..periodically.

     When it is time  for Puppy Pick time...We will email you or give you a call and make a one hour appointment with you to come here at our home for your puppy pick day and time. Your Balance will be due in CASH only...sorry we will not take any other forms of payment the day you pick up your puppy.                   We ask you to Please.....Do Not bring your other pets to our home on your puppy pick up day..  This is to prevent any unnecessary germs from coming into our home while you are visiting us. We try to keep our small puppies in a germ free environment.

                                            *We offer Unlimited Registration on a Spay or Neuter Contract....

                             Means Your pet must be Spay / Neuter      Adoption Fee



*We also offer  AKC Full Rights .... This means your pet has (AKC Full Rights ) for Breeding or pet only to Approved homes  1,800 on full right to qualified breeders only                                                   

* We will not ship any of our Pug Puppies...You will have to make arrangements to drive or fly in to pick up your pug puppy at our home here in middle Tennessee. We will at that time give you our address and contact phone number. 

*****We reserve the right to approve or disapprove anyone  a Puppy or Adult adoption or request.   We reserve the right to increase adoption fee with out notice. Please understand that our adoption fees will go up only periodically due to higher Veterinarian fees...... which is unfortunately out of our control*****

Please feel free to email us with your question and we are always glad to give you a call and visit about our Pug Puppies.

Please understand that we do not publish our address or phone number due to scammer.  Please email us your message or Pug Puppy request and provide us with your contact information/phone number.    We will be glad to give you a call and visit with you about our puppies.       Please go to( Contact ) page and fill out form to request a Pug Puppy or questions.